William Fernandez

I just spent the last hour going through Mr. William Fernandez's site that advertises his skill in the world of Interactive Marketing. I have read his very detailed and extensive resume that is very well laid out. I have to admit that his site is very well organized and is very user friendly. The flow of his site is very appealing especially if you want to know what he's currently exploring on his blog. While reading his blog I learned a few things that MySpace is doing that I did not even know was possible. I enjoyed reading the details about MySpace sneaking in some interesting characters into an outgoing link by throwing in an extr dot to the URL (example)
- http://www.espn.com was used but when sent out it would look like this http://www.espn..com -
This may be a little nothing to most of you out there but for those of you who surf a bit on the internet the last thing you want is to be redirected to a fake page... Check out his site and get some input on his previous entries amd enjoy.

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