Love - Not just a word.

First and foremost I would like to send a special I Love You to my wife Lisa. We have been married for seven years and and five months and I can tell you that even with all of the hurdles that have come our way we still seem to find the bright side and tell ourselves that it doesn't matter what comes our way as long as we deal with it together. I have never had the opportunity to write her a classic love letter in the few years that we were dating before getting married but I do send her some pretty romantic e-mails filled with love and emotion- now that's something worth bragging about. I can be many things in life but the one thing I won't be is complete with out my wife. Everything in life is great but without her I'm just another guy walking an empty path. Take the time to look at your significant other in the eyes and say I Love You.


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Double Glazing said...

Depending on who's doing the talking and what is being expressed, love means different things to different people. Two people might commit themselves to love each other but have different ideas of what it really means.