America ready to sacrifice...

There isn't any error in the title, what you read is completely true. I have looked into an article in the USA Today that shows exactly what America wanted after September 11. I am going to break it down into categories so that you my viewers can see for yourself where America stood them...

This is from a weekend USA TODAY, CNN, Gallup Poll showing Americans wanting a careful response but are ready for war and are willing to pay the price.

Support military response
88% Take military action in retaliation.
36% Would punish terror groups behind attacks.
52% Prefer longerterm war to end terrorism.

Take military action even if:
84% Taxes must be increased.
80% U.S. round invasion needed.
79% Oil and gas shortages occur.
78% Further terrorist attacks occur.
77% Draft is needed.
66% Action lasts for several years.
65% 1,000 U.S. troops are killed.

Support security measures
86% Metal detectors at every public place.
86% Passenger check-in 2-3 hours before flights.
77% Required ID before entering office buildings and public places.
58% Special security checks for Arabs, including U.S. citizens, before boarding planes.
51% Ban all carry-on luggage.
49% Special ID for Arabs, including U.S. citizens.
33% Make it easier for authorities to read mail, e-mail and tap phones.
29% Allow police to search people randomly.

Express personal worries
48% Less willing to travel overseas.
43% Less willing to fly.
35% Less willing to enter sky scrapers.
30% Less willing to attend large public events.

Looking ahead
88% Confident U.S. can protect citizens from future attacks.
64% Would rebuild World Trade Center.

After going through that line for line I found myself agreeing with most of it than I did disagreeing.

Tell me what you think with the above numbers and tell me how far are we now from some of that.


Hooda Thunkit said...

As always, the "short attention-span" Merkins have forgotten all about those days and have softened greatly on these positions.

However, they will quickly return to them after the next attack and forget them even quicker next time.

Merkins be fickle beasts.

Now, the Israelis...

Rob Carr said...

I think part of the problem is that Iraq wasn't responsible for 9/11, but Al Qaeda was, and they were being harbored by the Taliban in Afghanistan. We should have continued the hunt for Osama, and made that hunt and stablizing the new Afghanistan government a higher priority. Instead, Bush wanted revenge on Saddam for Saddam's threats against Bush's dad.

We still don't have Osama, Iraq, which wasn't a significant terrorist threat, now is a training ground for terrorists, and the Taliban are making a comeback in Afghanistan.

In addition, I was never one of the ones who believed we should give up our freedoms to protect our freedom. The two weeks I worked at the temporary morgue in Somerset for the Flight 93 heroes pounded that one into my brain.

Lisa Renee said...

You should know better than anyone that first of all polls don't mean squat except how that small number of people felt AND people respond with their emotions and not their brains after a tragic event.

It's like if you asked people how they felt about gun use right after the Virgina Tech shooting. Most people then would say they are against guns.

Government shouldn't respond to emotional over-reactions, they should respond with a planned response that will work...We didn't do that. Shock and Awe did just that but it takes more than that and when it came to the planning aspect? We sucked. Hence we are still there and Iraq is still a mess.