Maybe it's me?

Is it me or can guys be addicted to chatting and gossiping? I would like to use myself as an example just to prove that guys do gossip and chatter too often. I am currently addicted to a game called Combat Arms, it's an FPS (first person shooter) game that is free online for all to play. I am also part of the Facebook community world as well. My wife believes that men aren't and shouldn't be that social towards each other. I on the other hand think that a tight group formed online is the best way to be both happy and internet savvy at the same time. We are about 14 strong (in the game) and we actually chat outside of the game as well. If I didn't have an internet connection I would probably find myself reading books from morning to night (boring). I currently have a DSL connection but imagine what a satellite high speed internet connection would do for me - not only will I be able to load pages faster then before but I can probably get into the game map a heck of a lot faster then my crew. The last thing I would want is to be in the middle of a good battle to find out that the other players in the game froze because I lost connection. I would like for those of you reading this to please post a comment and let me know if you think guys should or shouldn't be close on the internet.

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