Was she lying to us?

A special thank you goes out to Fred for the following details -

If Marcy Kaptur only met Rich for the first time this spring, how does she explain the following:

* Rich Iott was appointed by Marcy Kaptur to the United States Military Academy Board, a group that, for the Congresswoman, screens applications and high school seniors wishing to gain an appointment to the United States military academies. If Marcy Kaptur doesn't remember Rich Iott, then the only possible explanation is that Marcy Kaptur does not take seriously whom she appoints to important positions like this.

* A few years ago, Marcy Kaptur was Rich's guest of honor at the Ohio Military Reserve's Annual training at Camp Perry. Rep. Kaptur was also named an Honorary Captain of the Ohio Military Reserve. This also begs the question, how does a 28-year incumbent Congresswoman not know what the Ohio Military Reserve is? Especially when she was named an honorary captain of the organization and has been to their annual training which takes place in her district at Camp Perry.

* Marcy Kaptur says that Food Town was part of the fabric of the Toledo community and that Food Town was one of the largest employers in her district. As the sitting congresswoman, how could she not know the CEO of one of the largest employers in her district?

* Rich Iott personally contributed to Marcy Kaptur's campaign in 1992.

please if anyone has any additional details on this please feel free to comment.

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