My apologies...

I am sorry that I have not posted something in the past few days. I have been feeling a bit under the weather and it didn't help that I had some issues with my PC yesterday. Well to be honest, my PC had been acting up for about a few months now. I would repeatedly get an error message that would prevent my PC from loading its' operating system. During the start up session it would present a black screen and a voice would prompt saying "System Failed CPU Test". I used to wiggle some wires inside the tower and it would load just fine.

Well last night after about an hour and a half of this issue I gave up and searched online for this error. It turns out that ASUS (my mother board creators) have had some passed problems supporting certain video cards. Since I'm thin on extra cash I decided to unplug the card and reinsert it hoping that by doing so would solve my issue. Well it did, now I was able to load my programs and go about my daily routine. So like I said before, I apologize for the absent days and I will try to be on and posting something daily.

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