guess not

towards Michael Miller of TFP and his article -
I am honestly shocked -

Thought I knew where you stood on this matter.

Thought I knew that you can distinguish the difference in re-enactments and actual history.

Thought I knew that you stood by someones accomplishments and not their personal lives/hobbies

Thought I knew you for being biased and seeking the candidates ideology on how to better this area.

Thought I knew you.....

guess not

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Lisa Renee said...

I'm disappointed in you, that you could be that uninformed, which you are. You have no idea as to what the real historical reasons are that demonstrate that this is not even a valid historical re-enactment. The particular group Iott is pretending to play on the weekends, was one of the worst murdering groups out there.

This has brought immense negative attention to our area. It's ironic that someone that complains constantly about other elected officials who have brought embarrassment upon our community, an example your thoughts on Ben Konop, can excuse away Iott's. Frankly I think pretending to be part of a group that murdered real people is worse than having video of getting boo'd ending up on youtube.

You are so willing to ignorantly buy into what your favorite radio station promotes, rarely if ever questioning what it stated. You have no basic understanding of what someone like Iott, Nazi controversy or no Nazi controversy would do to this area.

It's personally disappointing for me because you make it a point to not want to discuss politics, yet have no problem going out there and linking your uninformed views out there.

People like you are the problem for this region. Unable to even seek out the truth, unwilling to get your butt up from behind the computer to make anything any better.

It took guts for Michael Miller to write what he did, I can't say the same for you.

I thought I knew you. Obviously I didn't.