Let Marcy stay...

I am sick and tired of politics and those who follow it to the point of bleeding red or blue. I will for the moment stay back and watch this train wreck happen. Most people say that Marcy Kaptur is doing an excellent job at bringing back money to the state of Ohio. We need her there because she has established such a strong stance over the years that if we were to lose her things will go horribly wrong here in Ohio.
I want all of you to know this post dated 10/14/2010 will be the starting point of "I told you so" - let's give her yet another term to bring back money to this still dying state. Maybe if we give her one more term those following will continue to focus on what she really isn't doing and that's maintaining the jobs we have here as well as trying to bring in new ones. This state and the city of Toledo are in such a bad shape that the majority of the citizens don't even know it or they do know it but choose to ignore in "hopes" of things "changing".


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