Coincidence would be the appropriate word for this post. A few days ago I mentioned that my wife was having trouble with her eyeglasses and some of you who saw that sent me many e-mails offering ideas on how to soften the pain. One suggestion was so weird that someone said that she should use duct tape to keep the frame from scratching the side of her head. What they failed to realize is that the duct tape won't hold on forever and it will start to stick to her hair and cause more problems for her. I will keep those suggestions in mind but what I would like to offer my friends is a chance to read this Article and see for themselves that getting great eyeglasses can be done with out spending a whole lot. Now for the coincidence, this morning while getting into my car I accidentally dropped my glasses on the ground and stepped on them. Well, the lens on the right side seems to be okay but the left one and the left side arm are scratched pretty bad. I had to use a piece of tissue on the left side to prevent the frame from scratching the side of my face. Now the Mrs. and I have something else in common - it's a good thing I know where to go for affordable and dependable eyeglasses.
Zenni Optical


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