Always being prepared...

On a normal day most of us find ourselves trying to squeeze in as much as we can in an hour's time just to make sure we have enough time the following hour do fit more tasks. Now I know most of you reading this can probably relate to this scenario but if you can't then you probably fall under the same problem my daughter does. My daughter had a project that needed to be done by the end of this week. Well, most teenagers like to procrastinate - in her case she definitely knows how. With the week half way through she needed some help locating some images that she downloaded but was unable to locate where she put them. She called me in a panic because apparently the teacher wanted the project turned in sooner for early grading. I quickly hopped on my Proxy 2 (PC Remote Access) and began locating her images from work. Within a few minutes I found her images and she was able to turn in her assignment on time. The scenario I just gave you is just one of the many reasons as to why this program helps many when times are tight. Now if I can only turn this life saving moment into a chores reimbursement?

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