NFR - 2010

This post might throw some of my friends off track, heck it might even have them questioning what is wrong with me. I want to inform them right now that there is nothing wrong with me. With that out of the way I would like to announce that I would be more then thrilled to attend a rodeo and not just any rodeo I'm talking about the Superbowl of rodeos - The National Finals Rodeo. My NFR tickets 2010 are just a click away. I have met strangers at monster truck events talk about rodeos and given what they have experienced I would attend one in a heart beat. Yes, I have been to monster truck shows before, (moving on). There aren't too many events out there that catch my interest but I can see myself going to a rodeo show and enjoying it. With the way that it was described by the folks at the truck show I found it easier making the decision to go. Don't miss out on this yearly event - visit the link above and round up some tickets for yourself or if you're in a sharing mood buy enough for your posse. Have fun and if possible leave me a comment on what you saw.

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