Boeing's bolts are short...

NEW YORK (Reuters)Boeing's chief executive pointed the finger at Alcoa and others for the lack of bolts that has delayed the first flight of its new 787 Dreamliner and threatens its delivery schedule.
The shortage of aluminum and titanium bolts — known as fasteners in the aerospace industry — has been publicly discussed by Boeing for six months or so, but the problem is still not completely solved, Boeing CEO Jim McNerney said at an investor presentation Tuesday
When the introduction of the Dreamliner was made a few months ago I was talking with my wife about the jobs and added work hours this bad boy is going to create. We jokingly said that even with the huge announcement made that the supplies for this baby would probably be short in supply. Well here we are a few down the road and now Boeing has to postpone their delivery date to who knows what. Well at least the jobs and workers will still be there waiting for these bolts to arrive.


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