Will you compete?

Do you have an edge on artistic designs? Would you like your work seen by millions of people? Then let me present to you the Ford Blue Oval Scholars logo design contest. That's right, Ford is looking for a new look and they're asking you if you have what it takes to create a unique piece for them to use. I know of a few people that will take this challenge in a heart beat as a matter of fact I believe one of them can be done with this challenge in a matter or minutes. Well before I mention it to them I want to remind those of you interested in participating that Ford has a guideline as to what you can and can't do. Make sure you read it thoroughly before submitting your entry. Want to know what's in store for the winners? well check out the following list and tell me it doesn't look tempting, I only included the top five places so that you can get the idea of what's being offered;
1. First Place - Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium = Retail $1,700
2. Second Place - $300 for design software of choice
3. Third Place - $150 for design software of choice
4. Fourth Place - $50 Music Download Card
5. Fifth Place - $50 Music Download Card
Now you can't tell me that those prizes aren't worth your time. I want to also mention that the Ford Blue Oval Scholars program is a scholarship program sponsored by the Ford Motor Company Fund. The image you see below is a set standard one, what you want to do is out do that one with a bit of uniqueness.
Good Luck

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