Nissan OneOne

The OneOne is envisioned as a sort of lovable pet vehicle. ("Won-won" is a common Japanese imitation for the sound of a barking dog.) Besides being cute, it would also be a helpful member of the family. On its own, it could go fetch some groceries or take a child to school.

The OneOne would move itself along like a skater by alternately pushing out with each of its rear wheels. At high speeds it would lean back for better aerodynamics, but at slower speeds it could "stand up" for better visibility.
I can easily see myself utilizing this bad boy for those quick beer runs during that crucial 4th quarter drive towards the end zone when you know that by leaving the house you can potentially miss a pass or an interception heck maybe even a fan running through the field. All kidding aside this concept is relly intrigueing especially the way our lives moves towards the easy and easier way of living. I give Nissan a 10 on concept and thought.


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