Make your point...

Rice and protester
When viewing this picture, what is your first thought? Does this woman seem threatening to you? Is she a bit too close to Rice? When I first saw this and read the article behind it I found myself wondering what is it exactly that these protesters do when the day is done? Do they go home and continue the protest with their loved one or are they heading back to an empty apartment or house. What bothers me the most about protesters is that they seem to think that because the have something to say they have the right to say it, yes they do have the right to say whatever it is they're trying to deliver but they have to also realize that the person or the group of people they're talking to have to the right to not listen. What this woman is doing is clearly a violation of personal space, if there are any past protesters reading this post please remember that yes you can speak freely but don't break the human spirit of those by you.



Hooda Thunkit said...


Your point is well taken, as the video goes on to prove.

There was clearly perceived hostility, which warranted the response that it drew.

There are better and more effective ways to get your point, whatever that may be, across; unless your REAL intent is to disrupt and force those in authority to arrest and to otherwise restrain you.

Either way, YOU LOSE.

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