Mohegan Chief dies at age 88...

Ralph Sturges (1918-present) was one of a long line of Mohegan chiefs since Uncas who has followed his example as a friend of the non-Indian and man of his word. Those values enabled him to serve successfully as a security and intelligence officer in World War II. Ralph became a marble sculptor, a lifelong passion that places him in a long line of great Mohegan carvers who were also chiefs. His local artistic contributions include a donation of a whale sculpture to the late Governor Ella Grasso and the presentation of a relief carving of Uncas' mark to Uncas Elementary School in Norwich, Connecticut. Ralph also carved an Indian head logo (designed by the late Michael Cooney) for Montville High School in 1986 and the base for the repatriated Samuel Uncas gravestone in 1992.
During the 1980s, Ralph served on the Mohegan Tribal Council and chaired the Burial Committee. Following the death of Courtland Fowler, Ralph was elected Lifetime Chief in 1992. His greatest accomplishment was leading the Mohegans to successfully complete the federal recognition process.

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