St. Augustine...

What are your plans for the 27th of October and the 24th of November? Don't have anything to do on those days? Great, please take a few moments and continue reading this post. If you enjoy shopping, entertainment and a sense of history then you need to visit St. Augustine and their St. Augustine shopping district. This part of town simply flourishes with shops and events as well as a sense good times. Come and spend some time with your loved ones and become part of the Uptown Saturday Night frenzy. My first visit would have to be to the Ripley's Museum. Why? Well I remember watching the shows when the show opened up on television. The presenters they had on that show were truly incredible. I have seen and read some articles based on a few artifacts that are displayed in the museum and I have to say that I would love to see them in person. The other thing that would probably be of an interest to you would be the Romantic Playground. If you are visiting with your better half then I would recommend visiting on the days mentioned above and while you're there head on over to the Playground where the two of you can enjoy a special time together.
Location: Downtown St. Augustine
Directions: Along San Marco Avenue
Hours: 5 to 9 p.m.
Admission: Free
For More Information: 904.824.9357
I want to also add that Nombre de Dios provides FREE PARKING for Uptown Saturday Nights.


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