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Vote: Boston Red Sox vs. Colorado Rockies

1) What is your rooting interest in the World Series?

47.6% Rooting for Red Sox

44.1% Rooting for Rockies
8.3% Not rooting for either

2) Which team has the better projected starting rotation?

85.2% Red Sox (Josh Beckett, Curt Schilling, Tim Wakefield, Daisuke Matsuzaka)
14.8% Rockies (Jeff Francis, Ubaldo Jimenez, Josh Fogg, Aaron Cook/Franklin Morales)

3) Which closer is a better bet in the ninth inning?

78.0% Jonathan Papelbon

22.0% Manny Corpas

4) Which team has a better overall bullpen?

61.9% Red Sox

38.1% Rockies

5) Which team has a more dangerous heart of the order?

74.0% Red Sox (David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Mike Lowell)

26.0% Rockies (Matt Holliday, Todd Helton, Garrett Atkins)

6) What impact will a week off have on Colorado?

44.8% Negative effect

37.7% No effect
17.5% Positive effect

7) Which manager's hunches would you trust more?

61.6% Terry Francona

38.4% Clint Hurdle

8) Which veteran would you rather see win a title?

75.8% Todd Helton
24.2% J.D. Drew

9) Where will fans be the loudest?

58.7% Fenway Park
41.3% Coors Field

10) Which team will win the World Series?

57.4% Red Sox
42.6% Rockies

Total Votes: 22,550

All of the ones I voted for are in italics.
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