Saturday Photo Hunt - Curvy

The images you see to the right are of some very strong and sturdy curves. The curvy individuals (in circumference) are part of the new bridge that opened up this year here in Toledo. I was able to attend the ceremony that morning. It turned out to be a wonderful day an it felt good to be part of history. The sight of all of those who took the time to see it was awesome.

Join in on the fun each and every Saturday!


jenny said...

Those are interesting! You can tell your great-grandkids, " . . . I remember when this ol' bridge was brand-new . . ."

gwapasila said...

oh, this are some curvy photos to share...like it.

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Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts said...

Never would have thought of something like that for today -- great work!

Flo said...

Nice choice and very nice photos.

Mines up over at:
Flo's Place

Andrée said...

When viewed large, the bridge is more stunning. I hope everybody takes a look. It's fantastic and the shots you took are awesome.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a sturdy bridge. Great photos and glad you had a great time. Have a good weekend.

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