Go Blue!

Looks like the boys in blue are doing what they do best, Kick Butt! I have been switching between games and now I found myself staying and watching the Michigan game all the way through. When I first started to watch they were down 6 to 10 and now they're up 27 to 10. That's right they have gone on a scoring spree and have 17 unanswered points. I wish I can be there enjoying the cheerful crowd and watching them run through the steps of being in the Big House.

The boys in blue have just won the game and they have added more to their score. They ended up beating the Golden Badgers 34-10 which of course feel good. Next up are the Spartans from Michigan State.


YoungBlood said...

Hopefully this will be a good game!
Looking forward to Michigan winning another one. Waiting for the big one though!! Let's Go Blue!!!

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