An issue that needs solving...

I posted awhile ago about what is currently going on at one of the retail parking lots involving cars parking in NO PARKING zones. Well it's been a few months now and I have seen maybe one police officer hand out tickets. I am promising to get this problem delt with immediately. I plan on taking pictures of the vehicles parked there and sending them to both the police department as well as the mayor, I know that next year's budget will be a headache because we have to some how balance the budget without causing too much trouble for city workers which include fire and police workers. If these clowns were ticketed everytime they parked in a fire lane we can make a minimum of 95 dollars per ticket. If my calculations are right that means that in a weeks' time we would of made $1,900. How's that you ask? Well each time I visit the complex there are at least five cars parked illegaly, I visit the area four times a week. If you do the math you'll have $1,900. With that kind of money we can do some serious damage to the city budget. Well stay tuned to this blog as I bring you some photos of the law breakers.

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