A current problem...

I spent most of the day looking at studies and input on this "restless legs syndrome". My mother suffers from this and she is afraid to try anything out that is new. I have yet to report to her as to what I've found thus far but she will be calling me tomorrow for an update. I did read this though in today's CNN Health section.
Studies: Restless legs syndrome a 'real' condition

ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) -- Scientists have linked certain genes to restless legs syndrome, suggesting the twitching condition described as "jimmy legs" in a "Seinfeld" episode is biologically based and not an imaginary disorder.

New studies published this week in two top medical journals are being called the first to identify specific genes responsible for restless legs syndrome symptoms.

Research in the New England Journal of Medicine, linked a common gene variation to nighttime leg-twitching. It involved people in Iceland and the United States.

A second study in Nature Genetics identified the same gene variation and two others in Germans and Canadians with restless legs syndrome.

My main concern is that my mom will probably have to remember if these symptoms existed in the any members of the family. I know that my grandmother suffered from arthritis in her final years but I do not recall any movement of her legs at night (I spend the last few months living with her so that I can keep a close eye on her). With these current studies and results I'm going to inform my mom's doctor as t what I've found so that he and my mom will be on the same page.

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