What I'm saving for...

My wife is a huge political junkie and she finds a way to put all the politics that surrounds us into her well maintained site Glass City Jungle. I accompany her whenever there's a news conference or a fund raiser and I usually take pictures for her so that she can post them on her blog so that those individuals that weren't able to participate can get a front row seat on what happened. I currently use a FujiFilm digital camera but it seems that the life of it is coming to an end. I have searched for something a little better that won't make me broke and I found the wonderful little package you see to your right. It has a few more features to it that the Fuji does and best of all it comes with a tripod which at times can help me take steady pictures. I will keep saving for this little toy and hopefully I can get it soon so that I can take better quality pictures for my wife.

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