BP In or BP Out...

This post/issue is something that my family talks about pretty much on a regular basis. When the conversation is turned to environment and safety we discuss everything from low pressure in our tires that can causes fuel loss to how many refineries are there that are working on overload due to high demands. A controversy about a BP Factory in Whiting, Indiana has erupted with some accusations being unclear., I live near the Great Lakes, actually Lake Erie to be more precise and we've had some recent local issues involving the tolerance of the EPA emissions near the Great Lakes. I was asked to give my honest opinion on this issue that seems to have a few people looking both ways trying to keep this on an even field. If you ask me, this one will be one of those cases where residents focus on the environment while others focus on jobs and stability.
There's a Chicago Tribune article that centers the problem in which the increase in ammonia and industrial sludge that BP will be permitted to release into Lake Michigan will increase quite a bit but well within the allowed numbers by the EPA but the minor increase has many environmentalists concerned as to the effects.BP disagrees with the industrial solids issue and while they admit ammonia discharge will increase BP reminds everyone that they are at levels that will keep them at less than half of what the EPA will allow them to be. When it comes to family and safety we tend to lean towards the aspect of a strong family decent neighborhood and a stable job. BP has always been known in this family as a dependable source of job security and an energy giant with an eye on environmental issues. I understand both sides of this issue but if BP was given a set standard to follow by the EPA and it was followed to the T then I don't see what the need to blast them is for. I can also see that the extra emissions will cause some harm in the long run then I suggest them to have the EPA standards changed and then offer BP an incentive so that they can perform at the level that the environmentalists would prefer. Take a quick minute to read the fact sheet that BP has put out with all the facts listed out for your understanding.

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