Be a Hero...

This post although hits really close to home I'm afraid for some of my friends and family members it's a bit too late to help. I have spoken to them about their issue several times but most of them would not seek the extra help, others have taken my advice and have signed up to clinics in the past to search for that existance that once drove their hearts. I have posted in the past here about some of my experiences with drug addiction that existed in my past, my point of doing so is to make aware of those viewing that even they don't think their addicted to the substance but in reality they really can't live with out it. While visiting 1800nodrugs.com I have quickly noticed that there is a specific page titled "Links of Interest" that would help a whole lot of people identify their issue and be able to pin point where to go for the additional help that is needed. Most other family members and friends out there don't usually know where to go to find what drug addiction treatment program would be just right for the situation.
If your reading this and you suffer from an addiction and you know that by going to your loved ones things could get worse as far as them not understanding that being upset at you won't exactly help you then please feel free to visit today and navigate through the user friendly site and locate exactly what you're looking for. Also remember that they are a non-profit hub to a huge network of locating short or long-term program assistance centers. They can find you the right center to get you back on your feet and looking towards the horizon in no time. With them being a non-profit organization there is never a charge for the referral, and they are available twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Don't hesitate on this offer, please seek the help you need, if your viewing this with a loved one in mind then please don't wait like I did when my friend died just after high school by something that wasn't that powerful but in the end it took him and any future memories that could of been.

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