Cover My Boat...

Owning a boat goes beyond just maintaining the deck, the sail (if it's a sail boat), the anchor, the engine etc.. You must have a cover for your boat even when stored inside for the winter. I have family members that live in Florida and they always laugh at me every-time I mention to them to buy something durable and long lasting for their cruiser. They simply tell me that a simple piece of tarp will do the job. Well not too long after that they got hit pretty hard with about five to six inches of rain. The wonderful tarp did not hold up too well. To make a long story short it was lucky for them they had a decent boat insurance policy that basically covered stupidity. Visit Cover My Boat today and get a quick online quote in just seconds. Their site is very user friendly, just select what type of boat you own to get started. If you happen to know of someone who has a boat and they happen to share the same thoughts that my family does please make sure that they have boat insurance because I don't want them to experience what my family did.

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