Unsafe Toothpaste?

Reading an article from the New London, CT paper (The Day) and I found that there has been a type of scare in some toothpaste products. Apparently there have been some brands tainted with extra chemicals like anti-freeze to add a distinct sweet taste to the paste. New London has a factory by the name of Sheffield Pharmaceuticals and from this scare it looks like their production level has increased quite a bit. Many discount stores like Wal-Mart, Target and various Dollar outlets carry their product. There is a list of what name brands to look out for, here is the list (each letter corresponds with each other - Store to Brand:

a. 99 Plus Store, 302 Farmington Ave., Hartford
b. 99 Cent Store, Wolcott Rd., Waterbury
c. Just A Buck, 49 Pershing Road, Derby
d. Home Market, 1264 Park St., Hartford
e. Dollar Dreams, 903 New Britain Ave., W. Hartford
f. Save and Discount, Foxon Rd., N. Branford

a. Colgate Max Cavity, Colgate Gel, Colgate Triple Action
b. Colgate Gel
c. DentaKleen Jr. (Strawberry and Blueberry flavors)
d. DentaKleen (Regular and Fresh Mint)
e. Colgate
f. Colgate Triple Action

If you frequent these shops please make sure that you check your labels on the product, if you find one either in your home or in a different store please call 1-800-842-2649. Visit the Department of Consumer Protection if you have any other questions or concerns.

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Roland Hansen said...

I think I'll just use baking soda brushing and in between brushings, I'll chew Dentyne.