Veteran Ben Israel...

Veteran Ben Israel
About 44,000 to 64,000 veterans are classified as "chronically homeless" -- homeless for long periods or repeatedly.
Other veterans -- nearly 468,000 -- are experiencing "severe housing cost burden," or paying more than half their income for housing, thereby putting them at a high risk for homelessness.
This past weekend my wife and I volunteered at the Annual Tent City here in downtown Toledo, OH. She and I helped serve many of those very same vets as well as non-vets. The sight of seeing that many homeless individuals brought out a lot of volunteers as well as many organized groups to help out. We intend on donating time, energy and money to help those who need the extra leverage to get back on their feet. Watching the video I can hear it in Mr. Israel's voice that he has experienced one too many rough nights. If you are currently helping those who are in need of help I would like to say Thank You, if you have been thinking about it but haven't found the time to do so please try to make the time, you'll see the difference your help brings to their eyes and hearts.

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