Joe and his frisbee...

Yesterday I spent a good hour and a half with my daughter Emily and her boyfriend Joe at one of Joe's Frisbee Tournaments. I did not know at first what this sport entailed but after watching him and his teammates take control of the game I quickly understood how the sport worked. It began at a slow pace because it was 9:00am in the morning so they haven't really had a chance to warm up just yet., but by the time they reached 4 points they had things rolling pretty smooth. The following paragraph(s) will introduce how the game is played.
How to Play

The game is played with two teams of seven players, who throw the disc from teammate to teammate until a player catches it in the opposing team’s end zone to score a point. Games are played to 15 points and usually keep players moving for an hour and a half.

Players must stop running when they catch the disc and they can take a maximum of 10 seconds to decide which teammate can successfully catch the disc and carry the play toward the end zone.

Ultimate Frisbee combines the continuous play of soccer with the rapid direction changes of basketball and the aerial passes of football. The big difference is that ultimate Frisbee is a noncontact sport. Participating is easy and all you need is workout clothing, a pair of good running shoes or cross-trainers, and of course, a Frisbee.

If you would like added details on the complete package of this extreme sport then please visit the following site to get a true understanding.
This is an update to the event that took place on Sunday... Joe and his team won all of their tournament games, so a special congrats goes out to the team for achieving those wins in a strong and convincing manner. Good job you guys.


YoungBlood said...

Sounds like that would be fun to play. Even though I lived in California, can't say that I have ever seen frisbee played like that.

Emily said...

Thanks for posting about this! I'm so glad you were able to come. They won all of their games that day I'll have you know :-)

roman said...

Tell Joe I said CONGRATS on the wins.