Freeze It Away Today...

JoseThe young man you see to the right is my younger brother Jose. He lives in Puerto Rico and decided to use his year's vacation to come and see me. We haven't seen each other for about 7 years. Don't let his smile fool you because he has been suffering from knee and back injuries since he was 17 playing baseball for two different teams. His first injury was when a wild pitch struck him on his left knee which left him on crutches for about three months. He finds himself rubbing his knee from time to time especially when he is on his feet for a long period of time. His second injury kind of came right after his knee injury. He was making his way to the workplace when he slipped on a wet floor that wasn't properly surrounded with signage mentioning so. He tried to get his balance but ended up hitting his back on two metal shelves. Let's just say that he had a few choice words other then 'I'm Okay'. He has tried pretty much everything to relieve the pain but has not found that soothing product till this day. His way of taking care of the hurting muscles is to rub it down with warm water and a rag. I know for a fact that he will feel better when he tries the Freeze It Gel product. I can image the look on his face when he realizes that now he can actually go for a walk and not have to stop every so often to rest his knee or knowing the fact that he can help his friends work on cars and lift boxes without grimacing. Freeze It will definitely bring a smile to his face that would really have a true intent behind it. Notice in the photo how he doesn't really stand up straight but he kind a leans on something when posing. Freeze it relieves tightened muscles and aching joints to help you enjoy your day a little more.

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