Saving that buck for presents...

The one thing I love the most is the fact that I can save a lot of money buying the same products that most grocery stores have at a higher price. The video link below has an inside look on how you can save hundreds of dollars each month. The one thing that I know that we don't do is buy product that is ready to go, for example - precooked meats, sliced cheese sold in quarter pieces, prepared mashed potatoes etc. Well I am kind of guilty on that last one, I love to buy the mashed potatoes already mashed for me so that I can cut some time during prep work for dinner. With the cut down on foods that are ready to go you will easily find yourself saving lots at month's end. This post is up so that in case my brother happens to be checking me online he might see this and think twice about buying that easy meal that takes seconds to prep.

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