What's wrong with the media?

This morning a friend of mine brought to my attention something that is completely wrong and should be taken care of immediately. The following video links you see are two different point of views. One video you will see CNN conducting an interview with John Cena which lasts approximately 30 seconds. The other video is the same interview but it was recorded by WWE for their own purposes and it lasts for about 2 mintues and 38 seconds. When you watch the CNN version you will clearly hear Cena say that he may have used steroids but you can't prove it, while on the unedited version recorded by WWE you will hear Cena clearly say No. My question to CNN is this "What did you have to gain from this by editing his answer?"
I have talked about the steroid issue before when it was mentioned that Barry Bonds was potentially using. I simply stated that until proven dirty, he's still clean. This same comment goes for any other athlete out there, You are not guilty for improving your body in order to achieve that goal especially if you did it in a clean manner.
Here is a comment from WWE.
In a country in which the news media is highly suspect, and the quality of unbiased reporting has been thrown into the trash can, CNN has stooped to new depths. Notwithstanding the fairness, or lack therein, of CNN’s recent piece entitled “Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling,” perhaps the best example of how CNN misrepresents and unfairly presents their biased, if not illegal, point of view is the comparison of WWE’s unedited video above to CNN’s edited version. CNN’s depiction of John Cena as it relates to steroids is not only professionally and morally wrong, but damaging to his character.
This next comment comes from Kevin Eck, Baltimore Sun, November 12, 2007
“I don’t see how a respected news organization such as CNN – or any responsible journalist, for that matter – could omit Cena’s initial response to the question, which was a clear and direct denial to having ever taken steroids.”
Watch the following videos and see for yourself the audacity that CNN presented.

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