Get your CityPass...

I need to get the word out right now because my oldest sister is planning on going to New York and she has an idea of what places to go and visit but I definitely don't think she is aware of the New York CityPass. With this bad boy you can visit the best of the best Museums a trip to the top of the Empire State building even a trip on the water to view the ever popular and eye catching New York Skyline on a tour around Manhattan. I can image the look on her face when I tell her that she will save a lot of money by getting the CityPass. My three nieces will love the Museum of Modern Art, the three of them have this flare for art and all artistic forms. Well if you're in the neighborhood and would love to see the many sites New York has to offer then please get yourself the CityPass today and have fun. Now I must get a hold of my sister before she leaves.

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