Someone actually understands...

Mitt RomneyWASHINGTON (CNN) -- Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said this week that if elected president he would punish states that provide illegal immigrants with tuition breaks or those that issue them driver's licenses.
I can't for the life of me understand how those states that offer the licenses and tuition breaks to illegal immigrants can actually think that what they're doing is okay. We as a nation have laws that were created to better this country, I can imagine the outrage of the immigrants who are taking the time to enter this country "Legally" when they watch the news and hear that illegals get rights from this country by simply breaking the law. That has to be the biggest disappointment ever to know that a country that is strong in diversity can't manage to keep themselves protected from border crossers. Most immigrants are coming here to leave the world they know of where border crossers come and disrupt the flow of life by either killing people for the wrong reason or for any reason. Here they are now entering what is known as the 'Liberty and Freedom Country' the legal way and they find themselves witnessing illegal border crossings which they have already seen before and they can only assume that this isn't going to end up good. I can't blame them for coming to that conclusion because the truth of the matter is slapping us right in the face. Let's not keep the blinders on and think that we're a okay - just remember 9-11-01. Watch the complete interview below and you decide what it is you want in a president.

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