Stephen King...

Many of you know who he is and what he does but how may of you have read his books and watched his movies? I have honestly read most of his books but I can assure you that I've seen all of his movies. The one movie that stands out the most is IT. This movie gave me a whole new respect for the clown and the clown world. Although know I can watch it over and over again without a single problem but when I was younger it bothered me to know that a creature had used a clown cover up to attack children. I spent every circus and parade that came to town at home because I knew that as long as I stayed home I wouldn't be confronted by a clown. Now I hear that the master has come up with another great hit. The Mist by Stephen King looks like another movie that will hit popular status really quick. I can't wait until the 21st to arrive so that I can go with my wife to the theater and enjoy a night out with Stephen. As for all of you who ar currently not into Stephen King books and movies I want to encourage you that he is a legend and his work will always be here, so take your time but eventually you will watch a King flick sooner or later.

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