Saturday Photo Hunt - Hot

The picture you see to the right is that of my niece Jasmine. This was taken a few years back but I can remember that day like it was yesterday. The temp was set to be in the mid 80s and the humidity was not that far behind. I was at my mom's house when all of a sudden Jasmine began crying and screaming very loud. We couldn't understand why because she was in the shade under a tree and for some reason she wanted to be in the sun light so we moved her and placed her on the deck. She began crying again this time it seemed to be louder then before. Well my sister began removing clothing from her and would you know it, Jasmine was too hot to have any clothes on. Believe it or not but she fell asleep right after her shorts were removed. I guess the next time an infant starts crying very loud quickly remove their clothes.

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Andrée said...

That's unusual, but it's great that you were able to figure it out. I probably would've been very confused!