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I want to start out by saying that if we were blessed with one of these beauties the long days at work and home will be easier to handle knowing that this wonderful creation of a bed is waiting for us to lay down and relax/sleep. A sleep number bed is something that everyone needs, I can't find anyone that can honestly tell me that their current mattress is the best they ever had and that they wouldn't change it for anything in the world. If there is such a person out there that is okay with their non-comfortable mattress it's probably because they dropped a lot of money for it so they have to get their monies worth before saying it wasn't what they expected. I am asking for those of you reading this to give them a try and for a limited time only you can receive a free bed set ensemble which would include the following 200 thread count fitted & flat sheets, pillows, and pillow cases. Not many stores offer that right from the start. If you aren't sure if this is a good deal then please take a few minutes and visit this page and see the difference when compared to Select Comfort. The cold days are just around the corner so that means that there will be some cuddle time coming up.

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YoungBlood said...

I would love to get a bed like this. A friend of mine has a bed similiar to this and loves it.
I wake up so many times feeling like I need a new bed. I checked out the site and found the prices to be pretty afordable considering you spend most of your life in bed.