Hope and change...

Hope and change is what the Obama campaign rode on but unfortunately here in Toledo we seem to keep things the same without any strained thought. Once again we have another offer for the docks across from downtown Toledo and from what I've read/heard in other blogs (GCJ) and the many callers on the radio - it looks like we might be turning this down as well and continue to think that the city should be in the business of running a business. This city can't resist an opportunity to keep us in the depths of blight. We will dick this around for weeks, the group interested will change their minds and we will soon see matching plywood panels (like the many buildings in downtown) covering the windows of the empty restaurants and like clock work we will have the same stupid questions from elected officials i.e. "What can we do to better this city?".

Hoping for a change in the politics here in Toledo but I pretty much know the answer to that one.

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