Two rooms done - now for the bathroom...

This past weekend was how can I put it uh BRUTAL. We moved two bedrooms around and redid the basement so that everyone in the house would be happy. Well, I can honestly say that I am still tired from all the work and energy spent. Just like the title states we are looking into redoing the bathroom as well. Yes, you can feel free to comment and say that I am crazy for taking on so much and it's not even Spring yet but if you saw our bathroom you would most certainly agree that it needs a good face lift.

Between you and I we both know that when we shop we like to find stylish designed interiors as well as a matching sale price. Well I found a site that can do them both - www.betterbathrooms.com. Follow me and search for that bathroom set that will set you apart from your friends and families (as far as design that is), so that when they come to visit they can get an idea of they need to do to better their bathroom. Visit Better Bathrooms today and indulge your sight to the many potential sets that can bring your old bathroom back to life. Now if you guys can I would appreciate it if you can drop a few hints to my wife in the comment section regarding towel warmers. Trust me when I say that this item is a must, especially if you have large bathrooms. Don't wait - check it out soon.

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