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I would like to mention to all my readers that even though you know Spring is just around the corner remember that with warm weather comes new drivers. It's been reported in the past that most new drivers (teenagers) are out in full force around the beginning of Spring. If you have car insurance already then you have nothing to worry about - but if you are one of the few that think they can get by with out it, shame on you. Most accidents happen just a few miles from your home, so the last thing you need is to get into an accident and not have the proper coverage. Even though I live in Toledo, I know that people reading this that live elsewhere just might be shopping for cheap car insurance Tacoma isn't that far. If you live in Tacoma, WA please be advised of the Mandatory Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage that must be met. Trust me, when you are involved in an accident the police officer will not conveniently forget to ask for your driver's license, registration and car insurance card. Depending on your financial, lifestyle or family you might want to make sure you select the right coverage for yourself that will meet the needs of those with or around you. I currently have Liability Coverage Low Cost, see the vehicle that I own is an oldie but it gets me to work just fine. Now my daughter just bought herself a nice sports car so she understands that she can not just get the low liability plan and hope no one hits her because she likes the low payments. She purchased the Full-Coverage so that she is covered on all aspects. Please, find the right one for yourself and above all drive safe.


Anonymous said...

Hehe, I'm going to be driving at the beginning of october! What out people of the world! I'll be taking the wheel soon!

roman said...

Congrats -
Hope that you get and keep your car insurance. Good luck to you.