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If you get car sick, you probably anticipate every extended road trip with dread. Car sickness is just one kind of motion sickness (or kinetosis) that some unlucky people experience when they're riding in a car or any other type of automobile. Dizziness, fatigue and nausea might make the trip miserable, and even vomiting doesn't make the affected person feel any better.

My oldest daughter Emily went on a cruise to the Bahamas and found herself vomiting on the ship well not on the ship but in the restroom. She is currently in Vermont skiing with her boyfriend Joe. I know she doesn't get car sick because I know that she loves to drive and I forgot to mention that she flew to Florida to board the ship, as far as I know she doesn't get air sick either.

So how do you go about preventing car sickness in the first place? Here are some ways to enjoy the ride, sickness-free heck maybe these tips can help with other motion issues.

* Get a good night's sleep before stepping into the car.

* Don't eat a heavy meal or consume alcohol right before you take off on your trip.

* Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

* Don't talk about motion sickness, or even look at someone else who's experiencing it.[6]

* Help prevent car sickness in children by giving them a raised seat where they have a clear view of the outdoors, and play games that encourage them to look outwards.

* If you find map-reading makes you sick, ask the driver to pull over to check a map.

* Some people suggest freshly sliced ginger in a bottle of water to sip helps them alleviate motion sickness.

* Some people swear the smell of newspaper makes them feel better. Since reading the paper will probably make you sick, just have some newspaper in the car with you because all you really need is the smell. If you don't always have a newspaper handy, many art supply stores sell pads of newsprint (which smells the same) that you may put in the car.

* Take 50-75 mg of vitamin B6, sense the day before, or at least 60 minutes before boarding the vehicle. Take it every day while the trip lasts. No harm in it, excess of B6 will go out by the urine. (The only problem could be if you are allergic to B6.)

* Some people can be upset in a car by eating chocolate in the morning.

Hopefully the previous tips can help those of you out there handle this matter with a better outcome.

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