COSI is gone...

If some of you don't know what I mean by the title, the title is in regards to a Science Museum that had a bit of trouble the past few years. They had a levy for it this past election and it went down in defeat by a large number. I didn't get the opportunity to visit the museum but from what I heard from my friends and neighbors the place was nice to visit every once in awhile but not consistently.

Most of them said that the museum needed to bring some different exhibits for the kids rather then keeping the old ones running. I even expressed that the museum should incorporate Ohio's/Toledo's CSI Unit and have a section in the museum dedicated to forensic technology where they can have either students or parents come in and get an inside look at the steps and procedures taken by the unit. They could of had a weekend program running for about a month showing others how to grid a crime scene and collect valuable evidence that can potentially solve the case in hand.

The picture you see to the right corner is that of the building in which the Science Museum is located currently. I'm not sure if anyone is interested in the spot as of yet but it is a great location for a club/restaurant. Let's see what the city decides to do with it. The blue is the roof of the museum so you can see the size in which would be available to a new business.

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