A great gift...

The shield could have helped out my daughter about three months ago. She placed her ipod in her purse but forgot that she placed inside the same pocket as her tweezers and her nail cutters. Let's just say that her ipod now has a scratch that goes from right to center and then from center to top left. She was really upset and tried not to carry her ipod with her when she went shopping. If she would have had an ipod case then she would have been okay especially when placing it inside her purse. Now with this clear film that goes right over the ipod she can simply apply the film and have her device protected forever for a one time fee. I recommend that if you currently own an electronic device that you would like to keep looking at its' best then please visit the site and see if they have your type in their list and buy one today so that you don't end up with a slanted check mark on your screen. If you don't need one then consider getting one for a friend or a family member that you know needs one because you never know when they accidentaly putntheir devices in harms way.

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YoungBlood said...

I'll have to get one for my Niece now that she has an Ipod!