Trying to make some extra money...

Well this morning could not of been any more entertaining. I would like to first mention that I have been collecting a lot of metal materials like aluminum cans and other aluminum items so that I can take them into the recycling center and make some money. Well I have managed to hold on to about 26lbs of cans and about 108lbs of aluminum thus far. Well after getting it all to fit in my Camry I headed out to the center - along the way I happened to meet an interesting character. The character would be an unnamed rock/boulder - it made a really close introduction by scrapping under my car and causing what was a small gas leak turn into an all out gas leak. There I was trying to dispose of all this aluminum and the smell of gasoline can be picked by everyone there which of course had to inform me that I had a leak. DUH! I finally got the cans in one bin and the other material in another.

The cans were 26lbs for a huge payout of $10 (sarcastic face of course)! The other material was not processed because since most of it looked the same the center was cautious and asked me to get a letter head from my employer (they gave me the scrapped pieces) and bring it back so that I can get payed. Now here I was with a slip to fill out and a pocket with a fresh scented $10 bill in it and a huge concern if I was going to make it to the gas station or was I going to have to hike it to get some gas. Well the car did make it to the station but not before giving me some scary moments. That's right, the car stalled twice - once at a light and the other was right before I pulled into the gas station.

I managed to coast it in right up to a pump. The smell of gasoline was of course with me when I got out to pay for some more. I put in five bucks worth in hopes that it wouldn't be on the road immediately - I was able to drop it off at Doug's Automotive on South Avenue in Toledo. There the car sits until Doug looks at it tomorrow. So what started out to be a money maker ended up being what might be a large expense. Moral of the story - don't meet any strange "characters" on your way out because it will cost you one way or another. Your best bet is to swerve away.

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