On her next trip to the North East...

I would like to get my daughter's attention on this post. Yes you Emily, on your next trip to Vermont you might want to try the Family inn Vermont instead of the usual same old same old cabin. I know that you have made the trip to Vermont each and every year so I figured you can do so but this time you might want to bring "others" with you like I don't know a family member maybe. The scenery there would be great for one of those old fashion Vermont weddings. Can you imagine attending a wedding in Vermont where the backdrop is actually a wintry scene and not some screen printed canvas. Heck you know what you might even be able to get your troops at work to have a nice Vermont meetings instead of the same stuffy conference room day in and day out. We can even plan a nice family get together in Vermont so that your siblings can get an inside view of the beautiful surroundings there. This is just a suggestion my dear, I wouldn't take you away from the warm environment that California has.

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