Are you kidding me?!?

The linked title above will direct you to an article I read that a woman filed a lawsuit against Quaker Oats and their name brand Captain Crunch because she thought for many years that she was truly eating actual fruit pieces in the berries cereal. Okay I know that times are tight and that this might of been an easy win given the history of some of the judges in California but come on really - filing a lawsuit because there wasn't any actual fruit in the berries cereal is just insane let alone embarrassing to her and her family. Just when you thought things can't get any more weirder poof out comes this story. Some people just need a break away from the rainbow colored pills and I'm not talking about Skittles. The judge isn't mentioned in the article but I would like to send a huge Thank You for doing the right thing and tossing this suit out the window.

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