Getting the job done...

I would like to start this post out by saying HooAhh! to my neighbor Ted. Now this man has himself one of those 1800 rpm Diesel Generators. I was so envious of this man last year because of his generator - when our town was hit by some pretty strong winds that took out most of the city in a snap. He calmly walked around his nice home and within a few seconds his home lit up like a Christmas tree. His house was the only one on the block to shine so bright. He invited us over until the power came back on but I was only able to go for a few minutes because of course my dogs had to bark at every little sound that they heard (no music or tv coming from the kids room so every sound was suspicious).

He was the talk of the neighborhood for months, heck here I am talking about that moment and we're coming up on almost a year now. I haven't had a chance to chat with the man to find out where he got his but if you're reading this and you know for a fact that no one in your neighborhood has a Diesel Generator do yourself a favor and head on out and get one. People will be talking about you for months as wellfor being so smart and getting one. Well, as for me I think something like one of those Towable Diesel Generators would suit me just fine. With a new home now it would be nice to have it around incase something goes wrong with the wiring.

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