Out yesterday but in today...

I apologize for not putting something up yesterday - everything got really hectic at work so I wasn't able to put some time aside to post anything that was going on with me. Now today is a different day - woke up this morning wanting to do nothing but chill all day and do absolutely nothing. Well that lasted about two hours before I got bored and started my usual chores around the house. The one task I was not looking into starting today was the re-cleaning of the pool. My wife called me from a picnic that she was attending and asked if I could clean it because it looks like it will be rather warm the next few days.

Upon looking into the pool I really wanted to call her back and say that it was beyond hope but I didn't want this small chore hold me back from accomplishing yet another task. I managed to get it completely cleaned in about an hour and 45 minutes. Now the pool is filling up and my daughter and I are impatiently waiting to jump in and go for a nice fresh swim. I believe that my tan will be nice and dark by the end of tomorrow. Talk to you guys later.

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