One more trip...

With the summer months just around the corner I can't wait to inform my kids that we are going to Disney World in Florida. Yes I know my kids aren't really kids anymore but to me they will always be little and adorable. On our last trip to the great world of fun we encountered a local business owner that had some discount Disney tickets available if we would simply try out one of his company's time share seminars. Well after we got a complete two hour explanation on how time share works we were given four passes to the grand land of them all - Walt Disney World. The kids had their excitement meter tilting past awesome, with the repeated mention of the many rides that they will be going on. I have to admit that even my wife and I had a bit of our childhood come out knowing that we would be seeing a lot of the famous characters at the park. If you were to ask the kids what ride was their favorite you will get about an hours worth of talk and not on ride missed but if you were to ask me I would have to say that the Hall of Presidents and the Haunted Mansion were my favorites. There's nothing cooler then seeing our earlier presidents presented in such a manner. I truly enjoyed every moment of that day. The kids would love to go back but I'm going to wait just a little bit longer before saying anything. I got the inside word that Orlandofuntickets.com can get me a great deal on family packages that won't include any seminars or any hidden surprises. If you're reading this and are looking to visit the Grand Park please go to orlandofuntickets.com and get yourself a great deal for yourself or for the family.
Have Fun!

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