A great idea...

This father definitely gets my support 100%. He is actually finding a solution for what is currently a problem in just about any school. Columbine was a tragic event and then watching the Virginia Tech terror unfold was just enough for most parents out there. This father will not wait for some nut job to take his kid's life if something horrible was to happen at their school. Most people believe that he is cashing in on a paranoid-able situation, all I have to say is that when the children of those who don't like this idea are involved in a scenario where this pack would come in handy and all they have is a clear view of an individual with a cold heart pointing their gun at them please do not come crying afterwards saying that you should bought one because by then it will not do you any good.


Lisa Renee said...

Sure, he has your support but you want to plop down $175.00 for a false sense of security?


roman said...

If I had the money yes, better to be safe then crying over a grave for years to come.